50 years of LIVES

2020 marks 50 years of LIVES

When two Doctors worked together to build the foundations of LIVES they set a charity on a course that would go onto saving thousands of lives right across Lincolnshire.  Doctors to First Responders, the communities across the county have been there every step of the way.

old LIVES logo

From 1970 through to 2020 the passion for providing vital skills in a 999 medical emergency to our rural communities hasn’t changed. Dr Cooper, pulled together with Dr Harper-Smith to become  the driving force behind LIVES and create a network of doctors to attend emergencies when time was playing a critical factor.

When ambulances were in place to simply carry patients to hospital, our founders knew that the Lincolnshire road network were making journey times long and severely delaying the medical intervention needed.  LIVES brought that medical skill that was based in homes across the county to the scene of the emergency.

Today, in 2020 we look back at the amazing achievements that have been made to take us to the forefront of Community First Response. LIVES has grown and evolved throughout our 50 years  and we are proud to say that our army of volunteers, from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, have become embedded in everything we do. We train, we respond, we save lives.

We know that it takes a team to save a life. Our team has been saving lives for 50 years, together we can save more.

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