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Get ahead of the government’s 2020 target for teaching young people first aid skills.

With the positive announcement by the government that young people will be taught first aid in schools from 2020, becoming a LIVES School Partner will mean you can provide your pupils with life-saving first aid skills training. As a Life-Saving School Partner, you will have access to a package of training and support for first aid skills for both pupils and adults throughout your school and its wider community.

CPR training in schools

What does LIVES offer?

We provide fun, practical, core skills-based first aid workshops aligned with the current UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines, delivered by qualified trainers. The practical workshop sessions develop life skills and facilitate positive decision making should an emergency arise. Pupils follow through the decision making around safety including ways of recognising and reducing risk, minimising harm and getting help in an emergency. They will also gain knowledge of basic first aid, casualty and injury assessment, making an emergency call and understanding when and how to perform CPR with or without the use of a defibrillator.

We can provide bespoke training to meet the needs of your school and the wider community. Sessions can be delivered in a variety of ways including a whole day with several groups, a collapsed curriculum day or after school provision.

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