Inspiring a new generation of lifesavers

Inspiring a new generation of lifesavers

LIVES is on a mission is to leave a lasting legacy by creating emergency ready communities and this starts with emergency ready schools.

This is why we developed the LIVES school partnerships programme; the programme is suited to all schools from infant through to secondary. By taking part the pupils will learn vital lifesaving skill that they can build on during their school career through to adulthood. Children also enjoy sharing new skills so will therefore share this new found knowledge with their parents and family, inspiring others to learn lifesaving skills and spreading the message of LIVES and the work we do in our communities. It takes a team to save a life and you are part of that team.

Monkshouse Primary School in Spalding is the first school in Lincolnshire to complete the LIVES School Partner Bronze Award. The year 5 pupils successfully completed workshops during their PSHE lesson; they all got hands on and experienced real life scenarios. All of the pupils that took part can now:

  • Identify an unconscious causality
  • Call 999 for help
  • Perform CPR
  • Use a defibrillator
  • Put a causality in the recovery position
  • Deal with someone choking

As part of the bronze award LIVES provide first aid workshop for the parents and careers to attend after school, spreading this vital lifesaving skill to more people in the community.

Defib Dan at Monkhouse Primary School

LIVES Mascot Defib Dan attended Monkshouse Primary School to present them with their bronze award and the school are keen to get the silver award in the future.


“The year 5 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and said they felt confident that they would know what to do if they found themselves in an emergency situation”.

Monkshouse Primary School

“By teaching the young people in their school, the school benefits with increased skill levels and so does the community. Having more members of a community with the knowledge and skills to respond in an emergency brings greater resilience. The likelihood of someone being able to help others in need increases and therefore the chances of patients surviving an emergency, such as a cardiac arrest, improve. In addition, providing a workshop for the wider community of the school offers adults the chance to refresh or learn new skills themselves.”

Ian Tomlinson – LIVES Education Support Specialist

If you would like to learn CPR and other lifesaving skill LIVES have a variety of accredited first aid courses please contact or if you would like LIVES to visit your school, please contact for more information.


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